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Our vision


We are thinking about a world in which we will limit our needs, make thoughtful purchases, and discard things even more thoughtfully. A world in which our surroundings will be filled with objects of harmonious and timeless shapes, made from environment-friendly materials. Places where, tired of the anonymity of mass production, we will begin to appreciate things which are perhaps not entirely perfect but created with enthusiasm and commitment.

Our mission


The EMBASSY mission is to create a space in which you can find functional, and at the same time beautiful objects of everyday use, designed and made from traditional and durable materials. When placing this object in your hands, we would like to tell you about the inspirations accompanying its design and shed some light on the way it was made. Our goal is to maintain local artisan tradition. Only in this way can we protect the beauty of diversity on which, we think, this world is based.

About us


When we create we think about people for whom the beauty of an object has as much importance as the circumstances of its making.

EMBASSY is a design studio in which we work both on the details of our own collections as well as lighting projects for our clients. We collaborate with architects and interior designers, adapting the EMBASSY products to their needs and creating new individual solutions. We offer our advice for designing interiors, and especially lighting.

EMBASSY is also a workshop, full of expert craftsmen, who weld, mould and turn metal details, and where wood is worked.

EMBASSY has been collaborating for many years with foundries from the region of Lower Silesia, and makes its products based on local materials. The lampshades for our lamps are also created nearby, in Polish glassworks cultivating traditional methods of blowing glass into moulds. This process requires both great skill and the experience of many years. Handmade glass has a charm and beauty never equalled by that mass-produced.

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