The Tower Bar Stool

Dimensions  adjustable height: 76-83 cm (29.92-32.68″),  seat diameter: 33 cm (12.99″)

Weight:  9,0 kg (19.84 lbs)

Materials:  reclaimed wood, metal



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An extremely sturdy design built accordingly by us. The tower base, hand made using 18 mm pipe, connects to a 22 mm screw fitting allowing for a wobble free seat height adjustment. The screw fitting we have engineered in Poland. The polished seat is a piece of history, hand crafted from 120 yr old maple floor boards. These boards were reclaimed from the now demolished Ogden Tobacco factory in Liverpool. The hard wood, originally brought from Canada, has gained a magnificent golden colour and patina through many years of tobacco staining. The wood is finished with natural beeswax although we would be happy to varnish if you prefer a tougher finish for more commercial applications. The metal is powder coated black although we would happily leave raw and finish with boiled linseed oil should you prefer. We can also offer a choice of colours on orders of 6 and above.